Portfolio Management Services

Across the world, people are turning to specialists Portfolio Management Services for managing their equity investments. Portfolio Management Services is the investment division of Market Pundit that helps investors access the equity market in Nepal.

Our Portfolio Management Services has two product segments:

  1. Discretionary Portfolio Management Services
  2. Non-discretionary Portfolio Management Services

Discretionary Management

Under discretionary management, the fund of the client is managed in accordance with the risk that the client is willing to take. The portfolio managers set the overall direction and goals for the account and tend to execute trades by picking individual investments they believe will help meet the clients’ objectives as per the market circumstance.
This account works best for investors who do not want to be actively involved in the day-to-day management of their investments and want to rely on a professional portfolio manager to design their portfolio that meets their financial objectives.
The products offered under our discretionary portfolio management services are as follows:

Non – Discretionary Management

Under non-discretionary management, the portfolio manager instead of making their own decisions, manages the funds in accordance with the expressed direction and suggestion of the client. With such account, the manager offers a professional advice in connection with the client’s transaction and execute according to the instruction provided. This type of arrangement is best suited for investors who want to maintain a greater control over their investments but still wants professional guidance.

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